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Geoffrey Philp and Dr. Julius Garvey

Geoffrey Philp, a highly regarded Jamaican author, poet, and professor, has made significant contributions to preserving Marcus Garvey's legacy through his lectures, workshops, and involvement in the campaign to exonerate Garvey. Philp's work is rooted in the values of redemption, education, self-reliance, purpose, community, and tradition, and he strives to promote these principles to honor Garvey's vision. Here is an overview of Geoffrey Philp's impactful work:

Geoffrey Philp delivers captivating lectures at academic institutions, conferences, and public events, offering deep insights into Marcus Garvey's philosophy. With an emphasis on education and redemption, Philp highlights Garvey's teachings of self-reliance and the importance of personal growth within the African diaspora. Through his lectures, Philp encourages individuals to recognize their inherent worth and power, inspiring a renewed sense of purpose within communities striving for self-determination.

Philp conducts empowering workshops that provide practical tools for individuals to embrace the values espoused by Marcus Garvey. Focusing on community, tradition, and self-reliance, these workshops facilitate personal and collective growth. Through interactive exercises and group discussions, Philp fosters a supportive environment where participants explore their roles in fostering positive change within their communities. By cultivating a sense of purpose and unity, Philp's workshops empower individuals to become agents of change and inheritors of Garvey's legacy.

Campaign to Exonerate Marcus Garvey
Geoffrey Philp actively participates in the campaign to exonerate Marcus Garvey, advocating for justice and redemption. With a deep respect for tradition and community, Philp strives to rectify historical injustices by shedding light on the unjust conviction of Garvey. Through his writings and public speaking engagements, Philp raises awareness about the significance of Garvey's contributions and the need for a posthumous pardon. He calls for the recognition of Garvey's profound impact as a visionary leader, urging society to reevaluate and restore his reputation.

Incorporating values of redemption, education, self-reliance, purpose, community, and tradition, Geoffrey Philp's lectures, workshops, and work on the campaign to exonerate Marcus Garvey embody a commitment to preserving Garvey's legacy. Philp's contributions serve as an inspiring reminder of the importance of embracing Garvey's teachings and promoting social justice within the African diaspora.

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