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Marcus Garvey Quotes

Welcome to Marcus Garvey: Quotes, a page dedicated to the profound wisdom of Marcus Garvey, the visionary leader and author of "The Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey." Within this remarkable work, Garvey's words resonate with power, insight, and inspiration. Join us as we embark on a journey to explore the wisdom imparted by Garvey, delving into his transformative ideas on redemption, education, self-reliance, purpose, economics, community, and tradition. Through the lens of his thought-provoking quotations, we aim to honor Garvey's legacy and unveil the timeless relevance of his teachings in empowering the African diaspora.


Get ready to be enlightened, motivated, and inspired by the unparalleled wisdom of Marcus Garvey.

“A man's bread and butter is only insured when he works for it."

“Action, self-reliance, the vision of self and the future have been the only means by which the oppressed have seen and realized the light of their own freedom.”

“Africa for the Africans... at home and abroad!”

“Ambition is the desire to go forward and improve one's condition.”

“Be as proud of your race today as our fathers were in the days of yore. We have beautiful history, and we shall create another in the future that will astonish the world.”

 “Chance has never yet satisfied the hope of a suffering people.”

 “Education is the medium by which a people are prepared for the creation of their own particular civilization, and the advancement and glory of their own race.”

 “God and Nature first made us what we are, and then out of our own created genius we make ourselves what we want to be.”

“Great principles, great ideas know no nationality.”

“History is the land-mark by which we are directed into the true course of life.”

“I trust that you will so live today as to realize that you are masters of your own destiny.”

“If you have no confidence in self you are twice defeated in the race of life.”

“Let Africa be our guiding star—our star of destiny.”

“Let no voice but your own speak to you from the depths. Let no influence but your own raise you in time of peace and time of war. Hear all, but attend only that which concerns you.”

 “Let the sky and God be our limit and Eternity our measurement.”

“Liberate the minds of men and ultimately you will liberate the bodies of men.”

“Look for me in the whirlwind or the storm.”

“Men who are in earnest are not afraid of consequences.”

 “Take advantage of every opportunity; where there is none, make it for yourself.”

“Take the kinks out of your mind, not your hair.”

“The Black skin is not a badge of shame, but rather a glorious symbol of national greatness.”

 “The ends you serve that are selfish will take you no further than yourself but the ends you serve that are for all, in common, will take you into eternity.”

“The greatest possession of man is character.”

“The whole world is my province.”

“There is nothing in the world common to man, that man cannot do.”

“To be once defeated is to find cause for an everlasting struggle to reach the top.”

“Up, you mighty race, accomplish what you will."

 “We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery…none but ourselves can free the mind.”

“We must give up the silly idea of folding our hands and waiting on God to do everything for us. If God had intended for that, then he would not have given us a mind. Whatever you want in life, you must make up your mind to do it for yourself.”

“What you do today that is worthwhile, inspires others to act at some future time.”


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